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About Me

I'm Mady, a licensed marriage & family therapist (#135287). My office is a place where you feel safe and supported as you discover more about yourself and who you are in light of your life experiences. Together we’ll wade through your past significant experiences, spend some time exploring where you find yourself now, and envision what life ahead could look like for you. When I’m not doing therapy, you can find me cooking for friends, or diving into my latest hobby! I’m a big fan of beach days, game nights, wine tasting, and exploring new places. If you’d like to hear more about my work and what inspired me to become a therapist you can click here. If you'd like to hear about my approach to Neurodiversity Affirming Care, check out this podcast interview. 


I specialize in working with Neurodivergent individuals, and Neurodiverse couples and families. You might be asking yourself, what is Neurodiversity? We use the word Neurodiverse to describe the infinitely unique ways people’s minds work differently. People who are Neurodivergent have a mind that functions differently than the average (Neurotypical) brain. While everyone’s mind might develop similarly, no two brains function exactly alike. Much like a fingerprint, everyone’s brain is designed differently. I’m well versed in working with Neurodivergent folx across the lifespan as they explore the challenges that arise from interacting in spaces that weren’t designed with them in mind. 


I am trained in Brainspotting, a trauma modality that you can read more about here. I use a trauma informed approach in my work, and am well equipped to help you process and make sense of the painful experiences you’ve had in your life.

Therapeutic Approach

In talking about how I approach my work, I find it helpful to highlight a few of my values. While many therapists receive similar training and education, here are some things that I find important in my work with clients.


I approach my work as a therapist from a relational perspective. This means, you’ll get an authentic version of me in the room and I’ll invite you to bring the most authentic version of yourself into the room. My colleagues describe me as witty, collaborative, and deeply compassionate. I also value humor and laughter, which you’ll get a glimpse of in our work together.


I find myself energized by in depth relationships, you know, the ones that go beyond small talk and superficial conversations. In our work together, I’ll guide you toward going a bit deeper with me and eventually with others in your life. We’ll explore some of your past and the things that have made you who you are today (family of origin, gender, culture, ethnicity, race, sibling dynamics, etc). We’ll also process where you are now, and the things that impact you on a day to day basis. Together, we will explore the connections between past significant experiences and where you are oriented in the present.


One value I hold dearly in my heart is caring for my community. The value of living in community was instilled in me from a young age and in my family of origin. How I see this value show up in the work that we do together is exploring your own social supports and promoting not just self-care, but community care. I’ll help you identify your own relationship to your community, including the ways you rely on those around you, and what it’s like for you to ask for help and support. 


In my practice, I promote care for my local community by providing a limited number of low-fee slots to community members in financial need. I also provide low-fee workshops and consultations within the community to promote Neurodiversity-Affirming care.

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